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  • 3/17/2018

    Great charter group showing off their fish catch.
    Great charter group showing off their fish catch.

    March 17th with a well formulated plan, but the fish obviously didn't get the memo! We had Sierra and Brian Walker from Morgantown W Va, Tristan Huff and Teffie Landman both from Texas with us today. These folks were an absolute pleasure to have with us. The plan was to try and catch some yellowfin tuna's for the table and then possibly get hooked up with a bluefin tuna for a good work out.

    We started out down South where I really was hoping to catch some yellowfins quickly and found a fish desert, no life or fish at all. We ended up fishing our way up North to where a few bluefin's had been caught. There was little doubt that the big bluefin's were there, we had marks on the color machine that looked like a parking lot. They just would not buy what we were selling this day. I thought we were gonna have one of those dreaded "skunked" days that we all have suffered through at some point. Then at the exact last minute I heard "fish on" !!! I can't remember ever being so happy to have at least caught one fish for our folk's. It was a beautiful day, lot's of two tone dolphins racing around, loads of giant bluefin's seen just below us and most of all spending the day just being offshore with some really nice folk's. Days like this I believe is the Good Lord's way of keeping us thankful and grateful for what we have around us. Thank you folks for spending the day with us and we hope you enjoy your time here on the Outer Banks. The grilled fresh tuna loins are just a bonus.

  • 2/26/2018

    Great charter group showing off their fish catch.
    Great charter group showing off their fish catch.

    Just my luck, we catch a fish named "Karma". We have been out the last few weeks trying to catch some bluefin tuna and yellowfin tuna commercially. We had a bluefin hooked up on the first morning out, but ended up pulling the hook. There has been a lot of yellowfin, but our luck with the bluefin went dry for a few days. Last week our luck turned around and we had two bluefin bites on a day that was proving hard for several of the boats out that day. The first fish was nothing short of being just too big for our gear, I've never seen an 80 get dumped that fast.

    We ended up locking down the drag to keep from getting completely spooled and broke off at the leader. The second fish bit right at dark and we ended up getting it aboard after a bulldog fight. We started in but the fog had really made up thick, so it was a slow go back to the Inlet. Once we got to the sea buoy the fog let up just enough for us to get across the bar safely. I thought we were home free until it rolled back in heavy on us, just a couple miles from the dock. Long story short we ended up just a bit out of the channel and ran aground

    So it appears that since running and being on boats since 1978, it was my turn. Ugh!!!!!!! So much of this fishing life looks romantic, truth is it's alot of work. We ended up having to haul the boat about a month earlier than planned, to fix the minor damage (considering) that was done when I went aground. Looks like we'll be out of commission for a week/ten days. When we are done it'll all be good as new and our annual bottom painting and maintenance will be done. Giving us a clear shot at the new Spring season that is just about upon us. Everything happens for a reason and this is just another bump in the road.

    Should still be some awesome fishing when we get back in the water next week. We are getting a pretty steady flow of folks booking trips for this coming year, for that I am truly grateful. Thank you all for following us, God Bless. Capt Frank

  • 1/18/2018

    Great charter group showing off their fish catch.
    Great charter group showing off their fish catch.

    First trip or 2018 had us out trying to do a little fishing for the market. The yellowfin tuna are in extremely good numbers, with some bigeye tuna and bluefin tuna in our neck of the woods. The picture on this post was of cleaned fish (headed and gutted) heading to market. Those fish came in about an hour fishing four poles, nothing like our 9 to 11 Charter trolling spread. We hooked one bluefin tuna that pulled the hook and brought

    in 38 yellowfin tuna. If you are looking for an excuse to enjoy some killer fishing, I can't imagine a better time than now. Pretty amazing fishing when you don't know if the next bite will be a 30 pound yellowfin tuna or a Volkswagon size bluefin tuna. I came out of my sweatshirt several times the last couple days because it was so warm in the Gulf Stream waters we were fishing in. This is an extremely hard job at times, but the rewards of just being there keep us all going back. Give me a shout if you'd like to book a wintertime offshore tuna trip, they're here. God Bless, Capt Frank.

  • 1/17/2018

    I have to admit that I have often wondered why our "Northern and Western" friends and fishing customers get soooooo excited when they get to the Outer Bank's beaches in the summer? I'm not a "stick my toes in the sand" kinda guy, but I think I'm starting to get the picture alittle bit now. Holy Smokes folks, how do you do this every year? It really is beautiful and it actually is a treat in short doses, but a whole winter season would drive me batty! The Gulf Stream water is mid 70's warm, if you can believe it. I have always enjoyed it being wintertime at the dock and deep blue/warm water out there. I fully expect the bluefin tuna's to make their seasonal arrival. We should still have some blackfin and yellowfins around, just have to get some weather to get out. Hoping to post up some pictures of us out there very soon. This "white stuff" is starting to get to me. God Bless and take care y'all. Capt. Frank

    Winter comes to the Outer Banks.